Abraham looks at the stars

An Unconditional Covenant

Sermon Summary:

This week we delve into the concept of biblical covenants, exploring their enduring influence on the history and destiny of believers. The focus is on the seven major covenants within Scripture, with a particular emphasis on the covenant between God and Abraham. Through this examination, the sermon sheds light on the ancient practice of covenant-making, its rituals, and the importance of faith and commitment in these divine promises. The sermon underscores the contrast between ancient and modern views of spiritual commitments and calls for a renewed dedication to the covenant relationship with the divine.


Key Points:

  • The significance of understanding biblical covenants to grasp the narrative of the Bible.
  • A comparison of the ubiquity of covenants in biblical times to the modern understanding of smartphones.
  • The concept of covenant as a foundational element in biblical narratives, including kinship covenants and the necessity of a sacrifice or shedding of blood to establish these agreements.
  • The story of God’s promise to Abram, who worried about his lack of an heir, and God’s assurance that his offspring would be as numerous as the stars.
  • A discussion of the cultural context of Abraham’s time, specifically regarding slavery and sacrificial rituals.
  • The transformation of Abraham’s covenant ritual, which reflects commitment and vigilance in upholding one’s end of a covenant.
  • An examination of the unconditional nature of God’s covenant with Abraham, which promises land to his descendants without prerequisites, prefiguring the New Covenant through Jesus Christ.
  • A call to move beyond a transactional view of faith to embrace the grace offered by the unconditional covenant.


Scripture Reference:

Genesis chapter 15: The story of God’s promise to Abram and the establishment of the Abrahamic Covenant.




Five Day Devotional
Throughout this five-day devotional, allow the sermon’s themes to lead you into a contemplative space where you can reflect on the significance of biblical covenants. As you engage with the readings and reflections, may your understanding what a covenant is and means deepen and transform your walk with God.


Day 1: Understanding Covenant Relationships

Reading: Genesis 15:1-6


Reflection: Consider the promise God made to Abram about his descendants being as numerous as the stars. Reflect on the faith Abram had in God’s words despite his circumstances. How does this display of trust inform your understanding of spiritual commitments today?


Prayer Focus: Ask God to help you trust Him as Abram did, even when the fulfillment of His promises is not yet visible.




Day 2: The Nature of Divine Promises

Reading: Genesis 15:7-21


Reflection: In this passage, we see the detailed covenant God makes with Abram, including the sacrificial ritual. Reflect on the seriousness and solemnity of this moment. How does the weight of God’s promises shape your perception of His character?


Prayer Focus: Pray for a deeper reverence for God’s promises in your life and for the insight to recognize their impact on your faith journey.




Day 3: The Significance of Abraham’s Covenant Ritual

Reading: Genesis 15:9-11, 17-18


Reflection: Consider the diligence Abraham showed in preparing for the covenant and protecting the sacrifices. How does this attention to detail mirror the dedication we should have in our spiritual practices?


Prayer Focus: Pray for the diligence and commitment to maintain your part of the covenant relationship with God, seeking to uphold your spiritual responsibilities with integrity.




Day 4: Embracing the Unconditional Nature of God’s Promise

Reading: Romans 4:13-25


Reflection: Paul speaks of the righteousness that comes by faith, referencing Abraham’s belief. Consider how God’s unconditional promise to Abraham foreshadows the New Covenant through Jesus Christ. How does this understanding affect your view of grace and faith?


Prayer Focus: Thank God for the grace given through Jesus Christ and ask for the strength to live by faith, not by sight, embracing the unconditional nature of His covenant.




Day 5: Living Within the Eternal Covenant

Reading: Hebrews 8:6-13


Reflection: This passage speaks of the New Covenant, superior to the old, written on our hearts. Contemplate the transformative power of this new relationship with God. How does this covenant invite you to a deeper, more intimate walk with Him?

Prayer Focus: Commit yourself anew to the covenant relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you in living out this sacred bond daily.

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