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Don’t Give Up Meeting Together

Sermon Summary:

This weeks sermon delves into the transformative power of faith-based fellowship, the balance between tradition and new beliefs in Christianity, and the vital role of communal worship. Drawing on Hebrews 10:25, it discusses the unknown authorship of the Book of Hebrews and considers the historical context of Jewish Christians facing persecution. The sermon emphasizes Jesus’s sacrifice, which tore the veil to the Holy of Holies, granting believers boldness to approach God directly. It challenges psychological barriers that separate us from God, urging a sincere and confident faith. The discussion also addresses the importance of hope and God’s faithfulness, rather than personal works or guilt. 

Key Points:

  1. The importance of Christian fellowship is rooted in Hebrews 10:25, which emphasizes not abandoning communal worship, even amid adversity.
  2. The authorship of the Book of Hebrews is unknown, with Apollos, Priscilla, and Aquila being potential authors who addressed the challenges Jewish Christians faced in reconciling their traditions with their new faith in Jesus.
  3. Early believers endured persecution from Romans and their community, which tempted some to revert to Judaism. The sermon stresses the importance of perseverance in gathering together as a community of faith.
  4. Jesus’s sacrifice grants believers direct access to God, allowing them to approach with confidence, a privilege previously limited to the high priest once a year under the old covenant.
  5. Psychological barriers can inhibit our confidence in approaching God, but we are encouraged to recognize these as illusions since holiness is granted through grace, not earned by deeds.
  6. Holding unswervingly to hope is key, and the faithfulness of God is highlighted as the foundation of Christian hope, rather than our own faithfulness.
  7. The value of spurring one another toward love and good deeds, emphasizing community’s role in understanding and growing in faith.

Scripture References:

  1. Hebrews 10:25 – Encouragement to not give up meeting together.
  2. The Book of Hebrews – General references to the book’s messages and themes about Jesus’s superiority and the new covenant.


  • The Importance of Christian Fellowship: Hebrews 10:25 reminds us not to forsake gathering together. In times of adversity, our communal worship becomes a source of strength and perseverance.
  • Direct Access to God through Jesus: The sacrifice of Jesus grants us the confidence to approach God with boldness. This privilege is a gift of grace, not something earned by our deeds.
  • Holding Onto Hope: Our hope rests not in our own faithfulness, but in the steadfast promise of God. This hope inspires us to encourage others towards love and good deeds.
  • Embracing Freedom in Christ: Let us approach God with assurance, free from guilt, recognizing the liberation that comes through Jesus’s love and sacrifice.

Begin Bible Reading Plan and Devotional


Day 1: Embracing Community in Worship 

Reading: Hebrews 10:19-25


Devotional: Today, reflect on the vital role that fellowship plays in your faith journey. The encouragement to not forsake gathering together is a powerful reminder of the strength found in unity. Consider how meeting with fellow believers can uplift you, especially during times of hardship or when facing external pressures that challenge your faith. 


Reflection Question: How can you prioritize and cherish the time spent in communal worship this week?


Prayer Focus: Ask God to deepen your appreciation for the community of believers and to show you ways to encourage others to remain steadfast in collective worship.




Day 2: The Confidence to Approach God 

Reading: Hebrews 10:16-22


Devotional: Dive into the confidence we have to enter the Most Holy Place because of Jesus’ sacrifice. Meditate on the fact that it’s not by our works but by His grace that we can approach God with assurance. Challenge yourself to break down mental barriers that hinder your access to God’s presence.


Reflection Question: What mental constructs do you need to surrender to fully embrace the access you have to God through Jesus?


Prayer Focus: Seek the Lord’s help in overcoming doubts and fears that prevent you from approaching Him with the boldness and confidence He has given you.




Day 3: Holding Unswervingly to Hope 

Reading: Hebrews 10:23-25


Devotional: In the midst of life’s challenges, we are called to hold fast to the hope we profess. Our hope is not in our ability to persevere, but in God’s faithfulness. As you go through your day, identify areas where you may have been placing your hope in your own strength or circumstances.


Reflection Question: How can you remind yourself to place your hope in God’s faithfulness rather than in your own efforts?


Prayer Focus: Pray for the courage to hold unswervingly to hope and to be an encouragement to others who may be struggling to maintain their hope.




Day 4: Spurring One Another On

Reading: Hebrews 10:24-25


Devotional: Reflect on the significance of encouraging one another in love and good deeds. Think about those in your life who could use a word of encouragement or support. Consider how you can be an instrument of God’s love to spur others on in their faith.


Reflection Question: Who in your community can you actively encourage this week, and what practical steps will you take to do so?


Prayer Focus: Ask God to open your eyes to the needs of those around you and to use you as a source of encouragement and inspiration.




Day 5: The Full Assurance of Faith 

Reading: Hebrews 10:19-22


Devotional: As we close out the week, let’s focus on the full assurance of faith that we are invited to hold onto. This assurance is rooted in the work of Jesus, not in our performance. Rejoice in the knowledge that you have been cleansed and made holy by His sacrifice.


Reflection Question: How can you live out this assurance in your daily walk with God and with others?


Prayer Focus: Thank God for the gift of holiness granted through grace, and ask Him to help you live each day with the assurance of your faith.

End Bible Reading Plan and Devotional

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