Freedom In Undignified Worship

I find it’s all too easy to get caught up in the expectations and opinions of others. We worry about how we’re perceived, what people think of us, and whether we’re measuring up to some arbitrary standard of “normal” or “acceptable.” But when it comes to worship, God invites us to cast aside those concerns and embrace a radical freedom – the freedom to be undignified before our King.


The story of King David dancing before the Lord as the Ark of the Covenant was brought into Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6:12-23) is a powerful illustration of this principle. David, the most powerful man in Israel, stripped off his kingly robes and danced with abandon in the streets, leaping and twirling with all his might. His wife Michal watched from a window, and she despised him in her heart, seeing his actions as vulgar and beneath his dignity as king.


But David was unconcerned with appearances or the opinions of others. “It was before the Lord,” he declared. “I will celebrate before the Lord. I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes.” David understood that true worship is not about looking dignified or impressing others – it’s about pouring out our hearts before God with complete abandon.


So what does this mean for us today? It’s an invitation to let go of our self-consciousness and fully engage in worship, even if it means looking foolish in the eyes of others. It’s a call to lift our hands, dance, sing loudly, and express our devotion to God with our whole beings. This doesn’t mean we have to be disruptive or draw attention to ourselves, but it does mean being willing to step outside our comfort zones and push the boundaries of what feels “normal” or “acceptable” in church.


Of course, this is easier said than done. We all have different personalities and comfort levels when it comes to expressing ourselves. For some, simply clapping along with a worship song might feel like a big step. For others, dancing and shouting might come more naturally. The key is not to compare ourselves to others or feel pressured to worship in a certain way, but rather to focus on connecting with God from the heart.


It’s also important to recognize that our worship can be influenced by the world around us. Just as David initially transported the Ark on a cart, imitating the way the Philistines did it, we too can fall into the trap of letting cultural norms dictate how we approach God. But true worship is not about conforming to the patterns of this world – it’s about being transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2).


Ultimately, the goal of worship is to encounter God’s presence and be changed in the process. When we let go of our inhibitions and fully engage our hearts, minds, and bodies in worship, we open ourselves up to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. We may feel awkward or self-conscious at first, but as we press in and persevere, we’ll find a new level of freedom and joy in our relationship with God.


So let us take a cue from King David and become a little more undignified in our worship. Let us dance, sing, shout, and express our love for God with reckless abandon. Let us be more concerned with the opinion of our King than the opinions of those around us. And let us experience the true freedom and joy that comes from wholehearted, unrestrained worship.


In a world that often feels bound by expectations and limitations, worship is our opportunity to break free and experience the abundant life that Jesus promised. So let’s embrace it with all we have, and watch as God transforms us from the inside out.




Here is a 5-day Bible reading plan and devotional guide based on this week’s sermon:


Day 1: The Heart of Worship

Reading: 2 Samuel 6:12-15


Devotional: True worship flows from the heart. Like David, we are called to celebrate God’s presence with authentic, uninhibited praise. As you come before the Lord today, lay aside any concerns about what others might think. Focus your heart on honoring God alone. Whether through singing, dancing, or silent reverence, pour out your love and adoration. Allow the joy of the Lord to fill you, releasing you to worship with greater freedom.




Day 2: Undignified Devotion 

Reading: 2 Samuel 6:16, 20-22


Devotional: In today’s culture, it’s easy to let the opinions of others dictate our worship. Yet David modeled an undignified devotion, willing to humble himself before the Lord. He cared more about exalting God than preserving his own image. Ask yourself, are you more concerned with the approval of people or the pleasure of God? Choose to follow David’s example by offering unrestrained worship, even if it means looking foolish in the eyes of the world. Trust that true honor comes from a life surrendered to God.




Day 3: Carrying God’s Presence

Reading: 2 Samuel 6:12-13


Devotional: The Ark of the Covenant represented God’s holy presence among His people. In moving the Ark to Jerusalem, David sought to make God’s presence central to the nation. Consider how you can make God’s presence the focal point of your life. Create space to encounter Him daily through prayer and meditation on His Word. As you carry His presence with you, you’ll find strength and guidance for each moment. Let your intimacy with God overflow into worship as you celebrate His nearness.




Day 4: Clothed in Humility

Reading: 2 Samuel 6:14, 20


Devotional: David laid aside his kingly robes, choosing instead to dress like a common worshiper. His attire reflected a heart clothed in humility. In your own life, are there areas where pride or self-importance hinder your worship? Humble yourself before the Lord today, recognizing that He alone deserves all glory and honor. Strip away any pretense or self-righteousness, coming to God with a contrite spirit. As you embrace humility, you’ll find greater freedom to worship without restraint.




Day 5: Extravagant Worship

Reading: 2 Samuel 6:13-19


Devotional: David’s worship was marked by extravagance – in the sacrifices offered, the music played, and the praises sung. His wholehearted devotion held nothing back. Reflect on your own expressions of worship. Are you giving God your best, or merely leftovers? Consider practical ways to offer extravagant worship, whether through your time, talents, or resources. As you lavish your love upon the Lord, you’ll experience His delight and the joy of a life fully surrendered. Remember, worship is not about perfection but about the posture of your heart.

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