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How To Go From Ordinary To Extraordinary

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the endless list of tasks and responsibilities that demand our attention. We often find ourselves prioritizing work, family, and even leisure activities over our spiritual well-being. However, the key to unlocking a life of purpose, boldness, and transformation lies in the simple act of spending time with Jesus.


The Bible tells the story of two ordinary men, Peter and John, who encountered a lame man at the temple gate. Despite their lack of formal education or wealth, they were able to perform an extraordinary miracle in the name of Jesus. The religious leaders of the day were astonished by their courage and boldness, and they couldn’t help but take note that these men had been with Jesus.


This story serves as a powerful reminder that our relationship with Jesus is not based on our knowledge, accomplishments, or status in society. It’s about the time we spend in His presence, allowing His love and grace to transform us from the inside out.


When we make the decision to prioritize our relationship with Jesus, we begin to experience a shift in our mindset. The Bible teaches us that repentance is not just about feeling sorry for our sins – it’s about changing the way we think. As we spend time in prayer, worship, and reading God’s Word, our thoughts begin to align with His thoughts, and our ways start to reflect His ways.


This transformation is not something that happens overnight, but it’s a gradual process that requires intentionality and perseverance. Just like building physical stamina through regular exercise, we must build our spiritual stamina by consistently spending time with Jesus. It may feel challenging at first, but as we continue to press in and seek His face, we will find that our capacity to experience His presence and power increases.


One of the most beautiful things about a relationship with Jesus is that it’s not based on our own efforts or righteousness. We don’t have to earn His love or prove ourselves worthy of His grace. The Bible reminds us that salvation is found in no one else but Jesus, and it’s through faith in His name that we are made whole.


This truth should give us the confidence to boldly share our faith with others, even in the face of opposition or persecution. Just like Peter and John, we may face challenges or resistance when we speak about Jesus, but we can trust that the Holy Spirit will give us the words to say and the courage to stand firm.


As we reflect on the transformative power of spending time with Jesus, let us be encouraged to make it a daily priority in our lives. Whether it’s through a dedicated quiet time, a worship session, or a conversation with a friend, let us seek to know Him more intimately and allow His love to shape every aspect of our being.


May we be known as people who have been with Jesus, not because of our impressive resumes or eloquent speeches, but because of the way His presence radiates through us. Let us be bold in our faith, sharing the good news of the Gospel with those around us and inviting them to experience the same life-changing relationship that we have found in Christ.


In a world that often feels chaotic and uncertain, spending time with Jesus is the anchor that keeps us grounded and the compass that guides us forward. May we never underestimate the power of His presence in our lives, and may we always make room for Him to work in and through us for His glory.




Here is a 5-day Bible reading plan and devotional guide based on the themes presented in the transcription:


Day 1: The Power of Jesus’ Name

Reading: Acts 3:1-16 


Devotional: In this passage, Peter and John demonstrate the transformative power that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. The lame man, crippled from birth, experienced a miraculous healing not by the apostles’ own ability, but through the name of Jesus. We too can access this same power by placing our faith in Christ. Regardless of our background, education or perceived limitations, we can boldly approach God knowing that He empowers ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His glory. Today, reflect on areas where you need to rely more fully on Jesus’ power rather than your own strength. Ask God to fill you with a greater measure of faith to believe in the mighty works He wants to do in and through you.




Day 2: Salvation Through Christ Alone

Reading: Acts 4:1-12


Devotional: Despite opposition from religious authorities, Peter courageously proclaims that salvation is found in no one else but Jesus Christ. In a world that offers many paths promising fulfillment and purpose, only Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). We cannot earn salvation through good works or religious rituals. It comes only through repentance and placing our faith in Christ’s finished work on the cross. Spend time today reflecting on the incredible gift of salvation made possible by Jesus’ sacrifice. Thank God for His amazing grace that rescues us from sin and offers eternal life. Recommit yourself to following Jesus wholeheartedly as the only source of true hope and redemption.




Day 3: Boldness Through the Holy Spirit

Reading: Acts 4:13-22


Devotional: The religious leaders were astonished by the courage of Peter and John, ordinary men who had been transformed by their time with Jesus. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we too can live with a holy boldness to speak about what we have experienced in Christ. Sharing our faith doesn’t require a seminary degree or perfectly crafted words. As we spend time in God’s presence, He fills us with supernatural courage to be His witnesses. Reflect today on your own faith journey. How has Jesus changed your life? Ask the Holy Spirit to give you opportunities and boldness to share your story with others who need to hear about the hope found in Christ alone.




Day 4: Unshakeable Faith in Suffering 

Reading: Acts 4:23-31


Devotional: After facing threats for proclaiming the gospel, the early believers responded by praying for even greater boldness. They trusted God’s sovereignty, even in the face of persecution and hardship. In our own lives, we will inevitably face trials and opposition for our faith in Christ. But we can stand firm knowing that God is always with us and that suffering has a purpose in His plan. Through every difficulty, God desires to strengthen our faith and make us more like Jesus. Today, bring your fears and struggles to God in prayer. Ask Him to give you a steadfast trust in His faithfulness and an eternal perspective in the midst of temporary troubles. Pray for the persecuted church around the world, that they would experience God’s sustaining grace.




Day 5: The Mark of a Christ-Centered Life

Reading: Acts 4:32-37

Devotional: The early church was characterized by radical generosity, selfless unity and the powerful witness of transformed lives. People could see the undeniable impact of the believers’ time with Jesus. As Christians today, our lives should also bear the mark of our intimacy with Christ. Knowing Jesus deeply leads to a shift in our priorities and desires. No longer living for ourselves, we are compelled by His love to serve others sacrificially. Reflect today on what your life says about your relationship with Jesus. Do your words, actions and attitudes point others toward Him? Pray that God would continue to shape you into the image of Christ, so that His light shines brightly through you. Ask for opportunities to show the love and compassion of Jesus in your spheres of influence.


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