Canaanite Woman

The Faith Of The Canaanite Woman

Sermon Summary:

Our focus this Sunday was on understanding the origins and significance of our traditions, ensuring they are in line with God’s intentions. We delved into the teachings of Jesus and how he addressed the customs that were more about appearances than the heart’s true condition.

Here are a few key takeaways from our time together:

  • Traditions should not be followed blindly, especially when they overshadow God’s commands. Reflect on whether your practices enhance or hinder your relationship with God.
  • Jesus challenged the performative purity rituals and legal loopholes of his time. We must examine our own actions and ensure they reflect genuine faith, not just outward piety.
  • True worship comes from acknowledging Jesus’s worth, not from our emotional state. Worship is due to Him regardless of how we feel or perceive our worthiness.
  • Desperation and faith can lead to profound encounters with the Lord. The story of the Canaanite woman taught us that sincere faith can transcend tradition and expectation.
  • An invitation to deeper connection: We are encouraged to approach God with boldness, just as the persistent woman in scripture did, and to actively engage with our faith.

I encourage each of us to take these messages to heart, applying them to our daily lives and spiritual walk. Let us not be confined by tradition but be liberated by the truth and spirit of our faith.


Five-Day Bible Reading Plan and Devotional: Traditions Of Men


Day 1: Tradition vs. Commandment

Reading: Matthew 15:1-9


Devotional: Today, we start by considering the tension between human traditions and God’s commandments. Reflect on areas in your life where tradition may have taken precedence over what God desires. Remember that God’s Word should be the foundation of our faith, not merely the customs passed down to us.


Reflection Question: In what ways might you be allowing traditions to hinder your relationship with God? 


Prayer: Lord, help me discern between traditions of man and Your divine commandments. Give me the wisdom to align my practices with Your Word.




Day 2: The Heart of Worship

Reading: Mark 7:1-13


Devotional: As we delve deeper into the words of Jesus, let’s challenge ourselves to look beyond external rituals to the purity of our hearts. Consider if your worship is a genuine outpouring of love for Jesus, or if it has become a ritual devoid of meaning.


Reflection Question: How can you ensure that your acts of worship are authentic expressions of your heart towards God?


Prayer: Heavenly Father, let my worship arise from a heart that seeks to truly honor You, not from mere tradition or habit.




Day 3: True Reverence

Reading: Isaiah 29:13


Devotional: Today, we focus on the difference between lip service and heart service. Ponder the depth of your reverence for God. Is it based on societal expectations or a sincere love for the Divine?


Reflection Question: Are there areas in your life where you are honoring God with your lips while your heart is distant? 


Prayer: Almighty God, draw my heart closer to You, so that my words and actions may be a reflection of a genuine relationship with You.




Day 4: The Faith of the Canaanite Woman

Reading: Matthew 15:21-28


Devotional: In the encounter with the Canaanite woman, we witness faith that breaks through the barriers of tradition. Reflect on the strength of your faith. Does it have the persistence and boldness of the Canaanite woman’s faith, able to transcend the expectations of others?


Reflection Question: How can you demonstrate a faith that persists despite barriers and expectations?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, grant me the courage and persistence in my faith to reach out to You, regardless of barriers or societal expectations.




Day 5: Applying the Word

Reading: James 1:22-25


Devotional: Our final reflection challenges us to be doers of the Word, not merely hearers. Contemplate how you can actively apply the insights from this sermon in your life, ensuring that your traditions align with the spirit of faith and the teachings of Christ.


Reflection Question: In what practical ways can you apply God’s Word to move beyond tradition and into a transformative faith?


Prayer: Merciful God, help me to apply Your teachings in my daily life, that I may not only listen to Your Word but live it out in every action.


*End Bible Reading & Devotional Plan

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