Jesus walks on water

When Jesus Almost Passes You By

Sermon Summary:
This week, let’s explore the layered meanings behind two of Jesus’ miracles—the feeding of the 5,000 and His walking on water—as recounted in Mark chapter 6. We’re not just retelling these stories; we’re peeling back the surface to reveal the profound symbolism that connects Jesus to the figure of Moses and showcases His divine nature. I take you through the scriptural narrative, showing how Jesus’ miracles were more than just displays of power—they were a demonstration of His identity and mission. As we thread together these events, I challenge you to reconsider what you thought you knew about these familiar tales and to embrace the fresh insights that come from a deeper understanding of the Gospels.


In our conversation, the theme of recognition and revelation is paramount as we dissect the disciples’ reactions to Jesus walking on water. Their astonishment and fear reflect our own struggles to comprehend the nature and character of Jesus as Messiah. We ponder the significance of Jesus’ intent to “pass by” the disciples and His declaration of “I am,” revealing how these moments are deeply rooted in biblical tradition and signify Jesus’ claim to divinity. Join us as we draw parallels between the disciples’ hardened hearts and our own, and consider how this narrative challenges preconceived notions about Jesus and His teachings.


Our journey through these biblical passages culminates in a heartfelt call to self examination and spiritual renewal. As we reflect on the state of our own hearts, I invite you to move beyond ritualistic practices and into genuine encounters with the divine. This message isn’t just about understanding scripture; it’s an invitation to transform how we approach our faith. Let’s take a step towards heart transformation together, fostering a shift from routine to real connection with God, and discovering what it means to truly experience the presence and work of the divine in our lives. 


Here are a few key takeaways from this week’s sermon:


  • Jesus as the New Moses: We discovered the symbolic connection between Jesus feeding the 5,000 and His walking on water, revealing Him as a figure greater than Moses and emphasizing His divine nature.
  • The Divine Declaration: The powerful “I am” declaration of Jesus during His walking on water not only mirrors God’s revelation to Moses but also serves as a testament to His identity and mission.
  • Spiritual Blindness: The sermon shed light on the concept of spiritual blindness, drawing parallels between the disciples’ hardened hearts and the challenges we face in our faith today.
  • Heart Transformation: We were invited to reflect on the authenticity of our spiritual experiences and encouraged to seek a genuine encounter with God beyond our religious routines.

Sunday’s sermon was not just a study of scripture but an altar call for each of us to embrace the transformative power of the Gospels and to experience God’s presence in a deeply personal way. Below is the 5 Day Devotional based off of this week’s sermon. 



[Begin Bible Reading Plan and Devotional]


Day 1: The Feeding of the 5,000

Bible Reading: Mark 6:30-44


Devotional: Today, we reflect on the miraculous provision of Jesus as He feeds a multitude with only five loaves and two fish. As we read this account, consider how Jesus is the Bread of Life, our ultimate sustenance. He not only meets our physical needs but also satisfies our spiritual hunger. Consider the areas in your life where you may need to trust in His provision and ask Him to open your eyes to the ways He is already providing for you.


Questions for Reflection:

  1. How do you see Jesus as your provider in both the physical and spiritual realms of your life?
  2. In what ways can you depend on God more for your daily needs?




Day 2: Jesus Walks on Water

Bible Reading: Mark 6:45-52


Devotional: Today’s focus is on Jesus walking on water and calming the storm, showcasing His divine authority over nature. As you read this passage, meditate on the moments when you have faced storms in your own life. How can Jesus’ power over the natural elements inspire you to trust Him in the midst of your personal trials and fears?


Questions for Reflection:

  1. What storms in your life need the calming presence of Jesus?
  2. How does knowing Jesus has authority over all things affect your faith?




Day 3: “I Am” – The Divine Declaration

Bible Reading: Exodus 3:13-14; Mark 6:50


Devotional: In the book of Exodus, God reveals His name to Moses as “I AM.” In Mark, Jesus echoes this divine declaration over the sea. Today, ponder the implications of Jesus identifying Himself with the name of God. How does this deepen your understanding of who Jesus is and His connection to the Father?


Questions for Reflection:

  1. What does Jesus’ declaration of “I am” mean to you personally?
  2. How does recognizing Jesus as God change the way you approach Him in prayer and worship?




Day 4: The Hardened Heart

Bible Reading: Mark 8:17-21


Devotional: As we explore the theme of spiritual blindness and the hardened heart, let us ask ourselves if there are areas in our lives where we have become closed off to Jesus’ teachings. Jesus challenged His disciples to understand the deeper meaning behind His miracles. Reflect on the need for ongoing introspection and humility in our spiritual walk.


Questions for Reflection:

  1. Are there areas in your life where you might be exhibiting a hardened heart towards God’s truths?
  2. How can you cultivate a more receptive and humble heart?




Day 5: A Call to Genuine Faith

Bible Reading: Mark 6:53-56


Devotional: As we conclude our reading plan, we focus on the authenticity of our faith experience. The people recognized Jesus and sought Him out for healing. Let this passage be an invitation for you to seek a genuine encounter with the divine. Reflect on the state of your heart and the sincerity of your pursuit of God.


Questions for Reflection:

  1. In what ways can you seek a more authentic and heartfelt relationship with Jesus?
  2. How can your faith become more than just routine, transforming into a dynamic and living experience?


[End Bible Reading Plan and Devotional]

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